How Coffee Helps Rural Families

May 4, 2016 | Coffee, Farmers

We thought you would enjoy this video of Deana talking with one of our coffee farmers a few months ago about the impact that coffee has on his life and his future.

Coffee and other organic cash crops hold the key to helping rural communities earn money to rebuild their homes, their lives, and their futures. The major earthquakes in Nepal were one year ago and 2016 is the year rebuilding begins in earnest! Please take a moment to DONATE if you haven’t already. We still have a few handmade mantra bracelets left for donations of $15+/month (recurring donation) or $250+ (one-time donation). 

Our 2016 projects: 

  • Children’s Home repairs & volunteer building repairs (to accommodate the 80+ volunteers expected this year!)
  • Construction of an innovative technical college using natural building methods and intended to give local youth the skill to earn income and rebuild homes using local materials
  • Rebuilding the family home of an aging couple and their disabled daughter with the help of 30 boy scouts
  • Construction of a community training center and non-profit office with self-sustaining income-generating plan
  • Expansion of coffee & almond rural farmer programs to create long-term income

Thank you for all for your support, both financial and in spirit!