What’s Happening: Natural Building- Gyalthum College & Homes

Oct 10, 2016 | Disaster Relief

Gyalthum College is a vision for the future of Nepal: it will be built predominantly with local mud (compressed into earth bricks), provide training to local laborers on new and marketable skills, be a model of cost-effective building solutions for village homes, and create a tool library for local use in replicating the construction techniques. Most importantly, it is led by a visionary Nepali architect who has brought natural building techniques from the U.S. to Nepal over the past six years.

The project includes four buildings: 
•    Compressed Earth Brick (CEB) college classrooms building
•    Two CEB homes for local people in desperate need
•     One stone masonry home demonstrating seismic reinforced concrete bands and other improved safety techniques, also for a family in need

We need your support in raising an additional $10,000 for tools and training to support this innovative natural building project in Nepal.

At CLN, we work with a unique small-scale approach to development: 

  • Partnering with local innovators who want to lead change 
  • Providing seed money for initiating hard-to-fund projects or…
  • Providing gap funding to help partially-funded projects come together

Real change is a slow process that must come from inside. Our role is as a catalyst for change, not as the authority or driver of change. We are excited that we have the opportunity to do what we do best: support new ideas from local Nepalis, invest in long-term change, and help develop and spread successful innovative solutions!

 As always 100% of your donations go directly to the people and program in Nepal. We are partnering with nonprofit Hands With Hands, and full details on the program and our new partners are below. Please join us in being part of a better future for Nepal!