Children’s Home- Homework, Mushrooms and More

Nov 6, 2017 | Children, Children's Home, Other Projects

At the Children’s Home, our 23 kids can be found doing homework or checking on the chickens, while the staff are working in the organic garden, cooking, and taking care of the goats, among a multitude of other tasks. Boys and girls do their homework in their rooms at night and study outside in the morning. We also instituted a tutoring class at the end of the school day with the help of a generous donor.

Our staff care for all the children and also help grow food and raise animals to make the home more self sufficient. This past year, our staff raised 80 chickens, which meant that the kids have chicken twice a month—a luxury that’s easier to raise than to purchase. We also have 2 buffalo (one is about to be a mama!) and 38 goats, most of which will be sold for income generation for the home. We grow about 80% of our own vegetables in the organic garden. We’ve even started growing mushrooms—another luxury food item.

Every year we work on improving life at the children’s home. Donate now to support a child next year. It costs only $1400 to sponsor one child’s food, uniforms, books, education and living costs at the children’s home for one year. Every donation counts, in any amount, and makes it possible for us to give these children a loving home