Children’s Home – 23 Bright, Beautiful Souls

Oct 26, 2019 | Children, Children's Home

Our Children’s Home in the rural foothills of the Himalayan mountains has been successfully operating for 12 years and is home to some of the sweetest kids you could ever know. It costs only $1400 to sponsor one child’s food, uniforms, books, education and living costs at the children’s home for one year—and we need your help to support these bright, beautiful souls. Please consider sponsoring a child, or gathering a group of friends or co-workers to sponsor a child. (You can donate any amount, and it will be combined with other donations to cover the full sponsorship.) Although the Children’s Home has some self-sustaining components–such as the animals they raise and sell or the organic vegetable garden for their own consumption–we still depend on your support to help raise these children and ensure they are cared for. Meet the kids…
Many thanks to Armanita Dhooghe for all of the beautiful photos in this issue!