Children’s Home- Class 10 Graduates!

Oct 3, 2019 | Children's Home

Children’s Home – Class 10 Graduates!

At the children’s home this year, we had our first Grade 10 graduates! In Nepal, the high school diploma exam happens after Grade 10, and it’s a major milestone in life. Krishna, Ganga and Jamuna all passed the national exam with B+ scores, which is fantastic! Only 16% of students nationwide earned a B+ or better this year, and the diploma is essential for further education or for good employment. If students want to continue to university, they still need to complete Grades 11 & 12, but the Grade 10 exam is the most important exam in high school. Grades 11 & 12 are a transition to higher education and a commitment to further learning. Our kids took extra tutoring classes for 8 months last year and spent extra hours every day studying for the Grade 10 exam…and it all paid off. All 3 of them are now studying in Class 11. We’re so proud of them!