Maya turns 12!

Dec 10, 2019 | Children, Maya

Maya is 12 years old and studying in Grade 6 this year. She has had a difficult few years emotionally—a heart surgery, a construction accident at school that killed her dear friend and other children in her class, and the massive 7.9 earthquake. All of these events have had a profound impact on her, but she is receiving regular counseling that appears to be gradually helping. Slowly but surely, Maya is returning to being a more active and talkative young girl. Her health is more resilient since the heart surgery, and she has fewer illnesses though she’s been having recurring headaches (which are being checked out). She has returned to her post as the supervisor of her younger sisters and likes to get involved in all the house activities. Her schoolwork is slowly improving, although she has fallen behind in English, which makes all subjects difficult since her school teaches in English. 

Maya is growing into a tall, slender girl and usually has a shy smile on her face these days. Deana had a chance to visit with her and all the kids at her orphanage who are bright, curious, and doing great!