Our Supporters- A Spotlight

Dec 27, 2019 | CLN Donors

Happy Holidays! We couldn’t be raising children, building schools, planting almond trees, and growing coffee without the donations that each and every one of you provide. In the spirit of the season, we want to offer our appreciation and gratitude to each and every one of you! Your generosity goes a long way—and improves the quality of life for many people in Nepal.

Our donors range from people who give $25 per month to those who give $500 annually to some who give/raise thousands. All donations make a difference, and we are deeply grateful. We want to acknowledge the efforts of a few donors in particular this year and thought you’d be interested in how our work in Nepal is supported.

Beth Machamer & Shellie Robertson

Beth and her wife Shellie trekked to Everest Base Camp with Deana and Mountain Madness in 2011–and they have been annual supporters of CLN ever since. Beth & Shellie understood early on that some aspects of programs are harder to raise money for than others, and they’ve provided substantial unrestricted funds every year to ensure that CLN doesn’t have funding gaps in our programs. Their generosity and long-term commitment have been essential to our success!

Northern California Peace Corps Association

Few institutional donors grant funds for the kinds of long-term, small-scale, and innovative agricultural projects that CLN engages in. We were delighted to have received a generous grant from NorCal PCA last month for two macadamia nurseries. NorCal PCA understands very well the kind of sustainable, locally-driven change that CLN is committed to—and they are making 6000 macadamia nut seedlings possible in 2020!

Bill Winfield

After being a donor for many years, Bill Winfield first came to Nepal after the massive earthquake in 2015 to see how he could help. Since then, he has visited a number of times, staying at the children’s home, getting to know the kids personally, providing technical training on how to use a rototiller for the organic garden at the children’s home, delivering handmade quilts from his mother and sister to the children for the winter, and helping with repairs around the home. Last year, he visited the coffee program and has helped to support farmers not only with donations but also by delivering equipment and a 5-pound coffee textbook to Nepal! Bill continues to provide substantial support every year and takes a personal interest in CLN’s projects. This year he’s heading back to Nepal to spend time with our children and farmers in December.

Big Angels for the Children’s Home

Our home in Nepal is called the Little Angels Children’s Home. When students from Kentucky University first visited the children in 2018, they were deeply touched by the need in Nepal. They returned home to raise money by selling prayer bead bracelets (made in Nepal!) on Instagram. They’re a super social-media savvy team with big hearts and have raised money to help fund our Little Angels as well as support projects at the nearby schools including the hostel land for the Batase School and a career shadowing program for high school students at Terse Secondary School.

Marvin and Linda Scherl

Marvin and Linda Scherl first met Neel Thakuri, the Director of TEAM Nepal, in 2011 when they came to Nepal on vacation and visited the children’s home. They saw first-hand the need of these children and how dedicated Neel is to caring for them. Impressed by his commitment and careful use of funds, and by the potential to make a profound difference in so many lives, Marvin and Linda have provided generous annual donations to help feed and clothe the children, ensure their education, repair damage at the home, and so much more. Their regular and reliable support has helped create much-needed stability for all of our children as they move towards a brighter future!

Horizontal Talent

Minneapolis-based Horizontal Talent (formerly Horizontal Integration) made sure that our children had school uniforms, tuition/exam fees, and books in 2019 with a generous corporate donation facilitated by Jen Dudley! 

Individual Fundraising Campaigns

Other fantastic fundraising efforts have come from individuals who have adopted a project like Danielle Brodsky who sponsored our mushroom farm at the Children’s Home or Taysia Shaffer who raised money for school uniform shoes and socks for children in remote Nepal. Both of them created Gofundme campaigns and successfully raised 100% of the funds needed to complete these projects!  

The efforts and generosity of our donors have been critical to our work in Nepal. Feeling inspired to learn more or help? Get in touch to discuss with us. We’d love your support!