Terse School and Job Shadowing

Dec 3, 2019 | Children, Schools & Classrooms

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Changing Lives Nepal has helped to improve classrooms and education at Terse School over the past 11 years. This year, Terse proudly ranked #3 in exam scores out of 112 schools in the district–their best scores ever! 

The post-earthquake reconstruction of Terse is complete, plus they were able to secure government funding for 4 additional teachers this year. This means that half of the school’s 28 teachers are now paid for by the government, while the other half are covered by students’ school fees. (You wouldn’t believe how hard it is to get the government to provide enough teachers for a rural school in Nepal—generally the community has to pay for some teachers or make do with one teacher for every 2-3 grades.)

In 2020, Terse needs $2800 for a 6-month tutoring class for all 64 students in Class 10. Tutoring is part of what has helped many students do better on the important School Exit Exam. Terse would like to offer standard tutoring next year for ALL Class 10 students, many of whom cannot afford to pay privately for tutoring. It’s Giving Tuesday—you can make a difference in the world with a donation to support Nepal today! 

One of the recent innovations at Terse is a Career Shadowing Program. This program is sponsored by a group of CLN donors in Kentucky and takes Grade 10 students on a trip to Kathmandu before they graduate. Students have the chance to learn from businessmen, doctors, marketers, fashion industry professionals, television personalities, and airline staff about their careers, inspiring the students to work hard for their final exams, continue their education, and find a career path that they are motivated and excited about!