Happy New Year from CLN!

Jan 15, 2021 | Miscellaneous

As we move through the holidays and begin a new year, we have been reflecting on the importance of the people in our lives and the gratitude we have for what has carried us through the year. Our CLN community—the team here, all of our donors and friends, the local leaders in Nepal, and the children and farmers we serve—has been an incredible source of support and resilience. The work we do brings meaning and gratitude to our lives, and an appreciation for how much we have, despite the deeply difficult times. As we work together, we find that we are receiving as much as we are giving…and that we give with renewed awareness of how we are all in this world together. To our donors especially, we want you to know that your interest and support this year, and every year before, is a bright spot that feeds our souls and renews our hope.

We hope that the newsletters this fall and winter have brought messages of positivity, resilience, hope, and meaning to each of you. We have a shared pandemic experience across the globe, including our beloved Nepal, and together we have made and continue to make a difference! Thank you for being with us in this!