Spring Update

May 11, 2022 | Children's Home, Coffee, Farmers, Organic Agriculture

Organic Coffee Farmer Exposure Visit

Coffee farmers exposure visit…and coffee cherries drying in the sun.

In February, we sponsored an exposure visit to educate our lead organic coffee farmers on a new method of coffee cherry processing. Only one coffee farm in Nepal uses a progressive method of processing coffee cherries that saves labor and water. We took a team of CLN’s top coffee farmers from different areas of our program to see this method directly…and they were impressed! We plan to implement this type of processing throughout our coffee program as an improved method to remove the outer covering of the coffee cherries and get down to the beans.

Children’s Home

Children’s home kids and their new yoga & meditation gong. 

All our kids are safe and sound and studying! Everything is good at the home and their nearby school.  Neel spent significant time and resources through the winter repairing classrooms and reinforcing school land after last year’s floods. Monsoon rains will be starting again in about a month, and we are hoping for a less damaging rainy season this year.

New Website Launched

We also just launched our new website for Changing Lives Nepal! Take a tour for updates, photos, philosophy, team stories, and more. CLN has been supporting education and economic self-sufficiency in Nepal for over 14 years with small, targeted grants that produce significant impact. We have deep relationships and long-term commitment to the people and places where we work. Want to make a difference with us? It’s easy…donate now. We couldn’t have come this far without you!