2022 Highlights

Oct 12, 2022 | Annual Accomplishments

As CLN Nepali partner Neel recently said, “Daily life is back to normal and everyone looks happy!” Our programs and our friends in Nepal are all doing well, and things are finally (mostly) getting back to normal. Sharing highlights from CLN’s work in 2022, with full updates coming your way very soon!

  • New Women’s Safe House opened in May and is providing safe space and counseling to victims of domestic abuse, rape, mental illness and trafficking. We are proud to be partnered with All The Sky and Mountain Madness on this project.
  • New Changing Lives Nepal website also launched in May. Let us know what you think!
  • Farmer demand for macadamia nut saplings is soaring! Our 12’ tall trees are beginning to produce nuts and everyone wants to plant more. Our project has grown from 200 trees and 5 farmers in 2015 to 11,600 trees and 141 farmers in 2022…and we’re adding 4000 trees next year.
  • Three more children from our Children’s Home graduated high school! Some of our graduates are working while others are continuing their studies. Kids still living at the home are very active doing yoga, helping in the garden, playing in the yard, and studying.
  • With 200,000 coffee bushes planted, and 35% mature enough to produce beans this year, CLN farmers sold 7000 lbs of beans in Kathmandu. Between that and the sale of saplings to other farmers, 84 of our farmers increased their annual income by an average of 33% from organic coffee this year!
  • Terse School Hostel opened at the end of 2021 and is home to 48 children from surrounding villages. Their homes are either too far to walk to school everyday or destroyed in last year’s flood. The hostel makes their ongoing education possible.

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Check out the smile on Dil Kumar Tamang’s face as he proudly shows off his coffee trees, which are helping support his four children, wife and aging mother. In 2021, he made $500 on coffee. In 2022, he made $1850 on coffee! This is almost double the average farmer’s annual income in this region–and it will be more next year as more of his plants mature to full production.