Dec 14, 2023 | Maya

Maya (middle) with her friends Sunita and Aruna

Maya is maturing by leaps and bounds this year in both her classwork and her artwork! She is a naturally gifted artist and dancer and shares her talents by teaching her younger sisters at the home. Maya has found schoolwork challenging at times due to many serious life events over the years (e.g., the 2015 earthquake, the death of her friend the following year when a wall of the classroom collapsed, her heart surgery), but her emotional state and her effort have been improving, and this year she is ready for a big year of study and preparation for the Class 10 government exam. Her house mother says, “Maya stays very busy and is known for being thoughtful and caring with all her brothers and sisters. She seems to be very aware of everyone’s needs and is developing into a lovely, responsible, and curious young lady.”

Maya painting a storage cabinet at her children’s home.

Maya is fortunate and would never have had the opportunity to discover her talents and grow to be such a beautiful, artistic, and healthy girl in Nepal without you. Please consider continuing to support Maya and the children’s home where she lives while she continues her studies.